The Ultimate Hostile Environment Awareness Training Course

 An absolute necesity for Corporate Travellers, NGOs, Journalists, Aid Workers and Media Professionals visiting Africa

Your team will learn the skills required to cope in any natural or man-made disaster on the continentacts of terror1 (2)

  • Imagine you’re working in an area targeted by terrorists or your hotel is being bombarded by advancing rebel forces.
  • What do you do if you are snatched off the street and bundled into a car or a rampaging mob is surrounding your home?
  • How would you survive being chained to a pipe or escape from a prison cell?

The above scenarios are all too real and you need to know what to do and how to cope in these kinds of situations. Our course introduces you to a new perspective and gives you practical experience in life-saving skills.

We are based in Cape Town but our two, three or five day courses can be delivered at any location of your choosing within Africa.

Attend a course and learn about:

  • Psychology of Survival and PTSD
  • Pre-planning and critical preparation before your trip
  • Handling natural and man-made diasters with confidence
  • Effective counter-measures for hostile surveillance
  • Emergency medicine to prevent loss of life or limb
  • Conduct during unlawful custody
  • Escape and evasion from custody
  •  Weapons handling on an outdoor range
  • Counter surveillance for static and mobile scenarios
  • Practice with self-defence moves and strategies

Learn from the best in the industryHEAT VODACOM 0_30

Our instructors have the most extensive experience of working and operating in many hostile environments throughout Africa.  They all have specialized operational field experience and have worked in military, private security and intelligence sectors.

Company personnel travelling to emerging markets in Africa will benefit from attending our HEAT course by learning:

  • A preparatory attitude rather than complacency
  • Self reliance techniques to cope without head office support
  • Practical skills to survive for more than 72 hours
  •  Lessons learned from previous natural and man-made disasters
  • Survival kit construction using tried and tested kits
  • Professional survival solutions for individuals and groups.

As the only corporate survival training business operating in all 55 African countries, we provide our deligates with instruction based on our own exposure to Hostile Environment on the continent.

The modules and the topics covered during the course can be adapted by the clients needs. The regular course consists of both indoor presentations about the psychology of survival and some case studies and outdoor activities, such as self-defence and range work.

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