How to Survive in a Wildfire Situation

A wildfire is, by definition, a fire that burns strongly and is generally out of control. The term has its root […]

Lightning travels at 5920 km per second. That is faster than a bullet fired from an assault rifle- 1000 metres per second.


A natural disaster poses serious risks to your life, liberty and limb. People die, are trapped or injured during and […]

Drinking water when SHTF

For many of us, water is a resource that is only appreciated when it is scarce. Often, the shortage of food is a nuisance but you can  live for 3 […]

Bug Out Bag List: Ultimate guide for preparing Bug Out Bag when travelling in Africa

BugOutBag1The need of Bug Out Bag List

Owing to the unpredictability of disasters, whether man-made or natural, potential preppers and survivalists tend to imagine […]

Nigerian kidnappings

Kidnappings in Nigeria and other African countries are on the rise and with the failure to capture and prosecute the groups involved, it is only getting worse.

Basic self-defence tips

Basic self-defence skills or tools that can come in very handy in your everyday life. Here are some tips of how to protect yourself from attackers.

Terrorist attacks on Kenya

Terrorist attacks on Kenya and other African countries are increasing by the day. Here is a post on some of the recent terrorist incidents in Kenya.

Kidnap and exploitation of women

Kidnap and exploitation of women in Africa and other parts of the world is increasing by the day. Here is a brief post on some of the kidnap and exploitation of women in and around Africa.

Al-Shaab attacks in Africa

Al-Shabaab attacks in Africa are continuously increasing in numbers. Here is a post on the recent Al-Shabaab attakcs In Afrca.

The fight to survive mentally – mental fitness

Here are some tips on how you can fight to survive mentally in a hostile environment by keeping your priorities straight and not losing hope.