Armed home invasions are terrifying experiences that are on the increase worldwide. FBI statistics show that 15 000 homes are invaded every day in the US. These attacks are happening in both rural and urban areas around the world. Many victims in South Africa’s cities have witnessed brutal rapes, violent beatings and fatal shootings within the privacy of their own homes.

By definition, a home invasion is an illegal and often forceful entry into an occupied and private dwelling. The intention of the home invaders is to commit violent crime against the occupants. Unlike burglaries, which are often carried out when homes are empty, home invasions occur precisely because the occupants are at home- having a meal, watching television or enjoying a bath. Home invasions are about power, not goods.

6 steps to protect your loved ones at home

  1. Review your existing domestic security strategies and ensure that you have a secure perimeter and effective access control.
  2. Implement affordable changes to beef up the protection of your home by adopting the 4 D principles: Deter, Deny, Detect, Delay.
  3. Place weapons around the house but beware of the curiosity of small children. Tape knives to the underside of tables and counter tops. Hide blades in the toilet cistern. Keep a hammer or metal rod behind a door. Look at how you can make improvised weapons from everyday objects.
  4. Teach and train your family members, visitors and others the protocols to follow when someone asks to come into your home. If that person is not known to you, do not let them in until you have confirmed their identity and purpose.
  5. Create a “safe room” in your house. This is a secure room in which you can lock yourself and your loved ones and call for help- even whilst the invaders are ransacking your home.
  6. Get training to know how to escape from rope, duct tape and flexicuffs typically used in a home invasion.


To learn the most practical and effective techniques to secure your home and protect your loved ones, attend one of our H.E.A.T. courses as a family. The family that trains together, survives together. Let us show you how.


H.E.A.T. tip: Reinforce your front door by installing a deadbolt and using safety studs, corrugated pins and setscrews in your hinges.